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New Year’s Eve in Venice we can call it a “different” event from the others thanks to the unique features of the city that hosts it. And for this reason the concept of the event sounds a bit narrow and reductive, the New Year’s Eve in Venice becomes just a vacation opportunity, discovering one of the most beautiful cities in the world, dressed in the evening for the occasion.

The city has been changing its skin since December 8th, when shops are colored with Christmas colors, a pleasant approach to the great St. Mark’s Square on New Year’s Eve. However, the big party is in St. Mark’s Square where tens of thousands of people gather as they approach midnight to wait for the countdown, to make a brinside and exchange greetings and gossiping kisses.

It is the kiss that in recent years has characterized the last of the year in Venice with the format of the “Love” evening. A great stage in the square where from around 09 om to 11:45 pm singers and artists perform each year, and then wait for the presenters to be guided for the new year kisses, tradition of the last few years.

All this is followed by articulated fires, fired directly from a barge in San Marco basin, a very suggestive and romantic show if we like, crowning the magic of this square offers.

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