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The Carnival of Venice lasts about 2 weeks, during which all kinds of events take place throughout the city: from masks to dances and gala dinners,

The Grand Opening of Carnival 2018 is the Venetian Water Feast that will take place on Saturday 27th January in Rio of Cannaregio. It will turn into a real stage of water with a show that enchants thousands of people, where floating structures transfer the theme of the Carnival to water with pictures and music shows. The Venetian Feast continues on Sunday 28 January with the water procession of “Remiere” Associations and wine and food venues with Venetian specialties.

From Saturday, 03 February, there will be the “Festa delle Marie” a parade that will start at 14:30 from San Pietro di Castello and reach Piazza San Marco at 16:00.

Sunday, February 04 there will be the official opening of Carnival with the “Volo dell’Angelo”, the spectacular Carnival Angel descent on Saint Mark’s Square.

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