At the Angelo Art Cafè

Local wines, Veneto wines, great Italian labels, and more. If you love tastings, this is the place for you. At Angelo Art Café, you'll find the right atmosphere to carve out a moment of pleasure. Even in good company. The romantic view of the canal, the elegant furnishings, and the artworks displayed on the walls create a unique and original environment, a space to relax and talk about beauty, art, culture, while sipping a glass of wine or a cocktail. The venue is small, intimate, reserved for lovers of good wine and snacks. And from Sunday to Thursday, it hosts the Venetian Happy Hour every day with a buffet of snacks and drinks on the menu.

Angelo Art Café hosts the vernissage of the exhibition that each artist displays inside the hotel. Here, art critics and enthusiasts, collectors, the curious, gather, and you can directly engage with the author, sipping a glass of wine and toasting to the beauty that humanity is capable of.

Live music, especially jazz
Music is art. Played live, it's something divine. Solo voices and jazz artists sing their interpretation of the world, and of beauty, within these walls, creating always new and exciting atmospheres. Evenings flow in and out of the musical score, amidst conversations, toasts, and applause.

Meet the Barlady
Twice a week, we organize the event "Create your cocktail with Natalia," our Barlady. It's a moment of meeting and culture, where the unusual but winning combinations that make a drink extraordinary are revealed.

Angelo Art Café is a partner of the Venice Cocktail Week
One week a year, the best cocktail bars in Venice organize meetings, masterclasses, and night shifts with great international bartenders (



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