The perfect sleep

The quality of sleep is crucial for the quality of our life. Having a healthy rest allows you to regain energy and natural physical recovery to face the activities of the day in the best possible way. Sleeping well and properly is essential for mental and physical well-being.

At the Angelo Art Hotel has signed a partnership agreement with Dormiflex, a well-established company in the sector with the ability to know how to give a good rest. All the rooms bear their signature.

"Each room is equipped with a SLEEP HOTEL certified bed system with Dormiflex pillows that perfectly accommodate the head and neck, guaranteeing the right support for the head and ensuring maximum well-being, hygiene and breathability. You will find both the orthopedic fiber and the Memory foam so you can choose according to your preferences."

By clicking on BUY  you can buy the same mattress model and pillows that you found at the hotel during your stay with a 10% discount reserved to our guests.


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