Welcome to All’Angelo Art Hotel

Hospitality is an art, the guest a masterpiece

Here we celebrate beauty every day, art, and hospitality. We do so by offering stay and discovery experiences in one of the most romantic cities in the world: Venice.


Good morning, Venice

The city is an open-air museum. The canals and the lagoon define a context unique in the world. Here art, cinema, and literature have always found their highest expression. And as you wander through the alleys and bridges, as you get lost in the Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque, and Byzantine details of the architecture, you can hear the sound of the gondolas cutting through the water and the astonished wows of people. Among many, yours will surely be there too.

Being at the heart of everything
The hotel is located 80 meters from Piazza San Marco, just a stone's throw away from the Basilica and the Campanile, or from the Correr Museum and the Royal Gardens. This is the heart of Venice, the most loved and visited place in the city, and among the most loved in the world.
And it's all for you.

Rooms & Art

Refined, elegant, some with canal views, others overlooking the characteristic Venetian rooftops, adorned with ancient terracotta tiles, while others look out onto the city's alleys (those small streets, narrow as they are fascinating and mysterious, also known as "wrinkles").

Different types, different stories. But all extraordinarily comfortable and furnished with Biedermeier furniture, marble bathrooms, and Itlas parquet floors.
And the beds are not just beds but true experiences of rest and well-being.


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